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Meet Roxanne Weinheber

Who am I?
Don’t we all ask ourselves that question?
Maybe it should be “What am I here to do or be?
I know who I am, I am a daughter, a sister, a wife, a mother of two boys, grandmaw to three
dogs and I am a friend to many.
My burning question has always been “what am I here to do or be”?
For as long as I can remember I’ve had a passion to help others, finding the right path that
could fulfill that desire, has been quite the journey. Like most of us, life got in the way and I did
what needed to be done to support our home and family.
With my children grown and on their own paths, the passion to help others bubbled again to
the surface, only this time flowing like hot lava and so strong I could no longer suppress it as I
had done for the past 25 years.
I began searching and studying privately and quietly, becoming a Raindrop Practitioner,
Certified Reflexologist, Access Bars Practitioner, Certified Crystal Healer, Bio-Well, Aroma
Therapist, and Aroma Massage to name a few. It has consumed every free minute. I used evenings,
weekends and vacation days to study different modalities to unlock the gift that I knew in my
heart was from a power in the universe and a guide much stronger than me, and each step was
bringing me closer to who I was truly meant to be.
During a session with a beautiful soul I have met on my journey she commented, “you need to
connect with people on an emotional level; you have such an amazing heart”. That single
comment stirred something deep inside me so I researched and took a course called The
Emotion Code. That course was the key that unlocked the door I had been searching for, and
my gift just started to tumble out in front of me. All the things I had kept locked up and secret
since I was a child started coming out, no longer willing to stay hidden.
I have combined my modalities along with my gift and I am now able to sense, feel, and see so
much more. My intuition is so heightened, I can feel others' pain, excitement, sadness, and so
many other emotions.
I now know that something greater than me has put me here to help and serve others. I would
love to welcome you to my space where I will share my gift to help you release the things that
may be causing you emotional or physical pain and is holding you back from living your best

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