- Raindrop Technique                                               - Emotion Code Releasing
- Reflexology                                                            - Reflex-Oil-ogy
- Bio Well Scans                                                       - Access Bars
- Aroma Therapy                                                       - Crystal/Chakra Balancing
- Aroma Freedom Technique                                    - Aroma Therapy Massage
- Body Code                                                              


Aroma Massage
"I was lucky enough to be able to stop at Roxanne’s Energetic You Wellness Centre in Charlottetown (NL) on my way back to Mount Pearl from Corner Brook to have an Aroma Massage.    Roxanne has created the most beautiful setting in her Energetic You Wellness Centre which was welcoming and so relaxing.  
I have had deep tissue massages for over 20 years (I am not dismissing the advantages I have felt from them) but nothing compares to the response from my body to the aroma mixture that Roxanne created for me and the gentle massage by Roxanne.  I do experience some right shoulder pain that I attribute to sitting for my job but I did not even remember noticing any pain at all for some time afterwards.  My entire body felt relaxed and pampered.
In my opinion everyone should experience this even if they don’t have pain, it’s good for the body and good for the soul."

"I met Roxanne and had an Emotion Code session with her at a retreat I attended in March 2022. I was a little nervous at first as I didn’t know what to expect, but let me tell you, I am absolutely thrilled I had my session with her. Working with Roxanne helped me discover things about myself that I didn’t realize I still carried and even some I didn’t realize had made such an impression on me. Making these realizations was a huge turning point for me and it has allowed me the opportunity to acknowledge these situations & feelings so I can work through them to improve not only my state of mind, but my entire life. I am so sincerely grateful for that time I spent with Roxanne and I highly recommend her to anyone who is interested in learning more about themselves and ways to release and grow."

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